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Tips on How to do Slate
Grout Professionally

28 August, 2010- Slate tiles are extensively used for flooring, wall cladding, paving and to make backsplash. In every slate installation the process of slate grouting is necessary as without this the slate tiles cannot be fixed to a place. Slate stone is available in abundance across the world and a very beautiful slip resistant stone. Also the rough surface makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom flooring.

It is really advantageous to place slate flooring in your home as along with look you get a very sturdy floor that will last for a very long period of time. For proper installation make sure to purchase the slate tiles of equal thickness. It should be appropriate for the traffic in that area and also the room temperature. Laying the slate tiles is not difficult so you can consider laying them on your own. But you must know the sequence of the work done and specifically how to do slate grout.

Tips on How to do Slate Grout Professionally

First of all it is the selection of the slate stone grout that matters the most. The color of the slate grouting must be close to the color of the slate stone. But if you are going to make some designs then pick the grout according to that. Along with slate grout you also need grout sealer, rubber float, tile sealer, paintbrush, sponge mop and hand sander.

Sealing Slate Tiles Before Grouting

Slate is a porous natural stone and hence it will take stains if not sealed properly. Before grouting seal the slate stone with the recommended sealer. This will make the slate stone bit of stain proof. For even application of tile sealer, put this in bucket and mix it as per instructions. Now take the sponge mop and very gently spread it over the surface of tile. Let slate tile dry thoroughly before initiating the grouting.

Applying Grout on Slate

Take the grout and read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully. Mix the grout in bucket as per instruction. Spread the grout evenly on the floor. Level it with leveller. Place the slate tile on it. Take the rubber float and very carefully apply the grout between the joints of the adjoining tiles. Add more slate grouting material in the joints so that no gap remain there. Now move the rubber float back and forth on the slate tiles.
Applying Slate Grout
Applying Slate Grout

Wiping and Cleaning Slate Grout

Once you are done with grouting the whole slate tiles, let it dry. Don't start cleaning when it wet or even semi wet. After it has dried completely remove the excess of grout from slat stone. If there is grout on the surface of the tile then you can wipe it very gently when it is wet. But do not wipe it on the edges of the joints and close to it.
Slate Grouting
Slate Grouting
To remove the dried grout take the hand sander or floor buffer. Also you can take the damp sponge and run it over the slate floor for several times to remove and slate grout residue. Do not use the damp sponge on the joints.

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