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How to Build a Slate Patio
without Mortar

Patio Construction
Patio Construction
28 May 2010- A slate patio make home exteriors a beautiful place to relax and enjoy. There are many other advantages of slate patios like durability, slip resistance etc. Slate being a little expensive stone, one might have to worry about money to be spent on slate patio construction. However, there are many cost-effective ways to build a slate patio such as by using square slate and with no mortar. This article exactly tells about how to build a slate patio without mortar?

Materials Needed to Build a Slate Patio

For patio constructions, one needs the following materials and tools

Step-by-Step Instructions for Slate Patio Construction

You won't need to follow too many steps to install patio with slate and with no use of mortar.

Prepare Space to Build Slate Patio

Frame the Area to Build Slate Patio

The excavated area (that you have dug up at 4 inch depth) has to be moistened after which tamp it down.

Prepare Slate Patio Base

Shovel sufficient sand into the form to fill it. Now drag the plank of wood over the form to smooth out the sand and tamp the sand down until it is 2 inches below the edge of the form.

Lay Slate for Patio

After making sure that the area for patio is perfectly leveled, begin laying the slate.

Trim Slate to Fit in Patio

If you find that not all of the slate pieces have fit perfectly, you will have to trim slate.

Finish off Building Slate Patio

When you see that all the slate pieces fit well and the area is all leveled, you have to give finishing touch to your new constructed slate patio. Your slate patio construction is now complete. Enjoy the newly built slate patio!

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