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How to Install Slate Tile

Installing Slate Backsplash
Installing Slate Backsplash
10 May 2010- Installing slate backsplash is perhaps the most easiest, inexpensive and fast kitchen remodeling idea. You have to install slate tile backsplash only on a small area behind your kitchen countertop which makes it a faster DIY project. Secondly, you'll need only a few slate tiles due to smaller area of application that makes it comparatively inexpensive kitchen project too. Again due to the fact that you need to install only a few slate tile for backsplash, it will need lesser efforts on your part and it thus becomes easier for you to install slate backsplash! So, here are step-by-step instructions for installing slate tile backsplash for your kitchen remodeling project.

Few Tips on Installing Slate Backsplash

Installing slate kitchen backsplash in smaller area has definitely some differences in tiling methods as compared to installing slate tile for larger areas.
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Installing Slate Backsplash- Step-by-Step Instructions

For installing slate tile backsplash in your kitchen, you will require certain things that include cement backer board (though not extremely essential), backer board screws, penetrating grout and tile sealer, acrylic mastic, tiling trowel, tile spacers, grout, and grout float.

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