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How to Clean Slate Stone Tiles?
- Slate Care Tips

Slate Care Tips
Slate Care Tips
February 16, 2010- Proper slate care for sure will give life to your slate tile. Timely cleaning of slate tiles not only prevents any kind of damage but also gives it an untouched appearance. Slate can be used inside as well as outside the house. So proper slate care tips must be followed to clean slate stone tiles.

It is the dust and dirt that causes maximum wear and tear of the slate tiles that are used on floor. As you walk on the slate stone tiles floor dust particles on your sole will cause abrasion with the floor leading to its wear and tear. To avoid that follow the following slate tile cleaning tips

Clean Slate Tile Stone for Stains

If you found any stain on the slate tile then it needs to be clean immediately and if this stain is in grout as well then it is really hard to get it out of that. Now if your grout is not colored then use 50:50 Hydrogen peroxide and water and apply this solution on affected area. Let the grout soak it. Again apply it and wait. This will let the stain come out. If your grout is colored then this mixture will cause harm to the color as well so use this method only if your grout is not colored.

If still the stain is there then soak a clean towel or any other fabric in the same solution and keep it over the stain for at least fifteen minutes.

If still stain is there on the slate stone tiles then make the paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Let the bubbles settle down. Apply it on the stained area. Spray some solution and let it dry. Take warm towel and wipe it to get stain free slate tile.

Clean Slate Tiles Countertops

Slate Care Tips

Slate Cleaning Products

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You can also get disinfectants, sealers, stain removers, polishing products, and a complete slate care kit. Also there are companies that provide slate cleaning services if you can afford them.

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