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Flagstone Flooring

Flagstone Pation
Flagstone Patio
When it comes to home improvement projects, particularly DIY patio projects (even walkways or other floorings), flagstones are rather popular choice. Here is a guide to flagstones and flagstone floorings for them who want to know the amazing qualities, uses, types of flagstones as well as about flagstone installation for patios and walkways.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a type of flat stone commonly used for paving slabs as in flagstone patio or flagstone walkway. It can be described as building and landscaping stone that is used, other than paving, for fencing and roofing as well. Flagstone is essentially a sedimentary rock that is split into thin layers making it suitable for installing patios and walkways. It is also used in steps, fences, housing, fireplaces, and many other construction projects. It is a natural stone usually composed of feldspar and quartz along with silica, calcium, or iron oxide. Flagstones are generally available in colors red, blue, and buff, but other exotic colors like chocolate color is not very uncommon. It is often used for patios, walkways, steps, fences, housing, fireplaces, and many construction projects.

Benefits of Flagstones

There are many reasons for the popularity of flagstone floorings for patios and walkways.

Different Types of Flagstones

Flagstones are classified on the basis of many parameters like colors, patterns and the place of origin. Flagstone is quarried at any place where there is sedimentary stone like Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona and the west coast of Ireland. On the basis of places, the most famous types of flagstone include

Arizona Flagstone: This type of flagstone with deep and shiny colors, cut well and is very durable. It is mostly found in colors red and buff in various sizes including strip stones for laying up walls.

Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone: This type of flagstone, a strong granite stone that is cut out of quarries in huge blocks, is mostly dimensional or pre-cut stone as it is quarried that way. It is also popular by the name of 6 sided cut stone.

On the basis of patterns, the different types of flagstone can be listed as

Patterned flagstones: This type of flagstone matches in dimension and overall appearance. However the colors are the exception to this rule.

Chilton Steppers: This type of flagstones are odd in shapes and sizes, but when combined, can give a unique appearance.

Tips on Installing Flagstone Flooring

Flagstone Walkway
Flagstone Walkway
Flagstone patio or a flagstone walkway can bring charm to any home outdoor landscaping. The extremely versatile flagstones come in a variety of thicknesses (ranging from about 1 to 2 inches or 3.81 to 5.08 cm). Flagstone slabs are cut into irregular flag-like shapes from which it got its popular name. Here are some tips on installing flagstones for patio and walkway.

Instructions for Installing Flagstone Flooring

The easiest method of laying flagstone walkways and patios is on bare ground or within a base material (pea gravel or sand). This is the cheapest method too.
That's all and your beautiful flagstone flooring of patio or walkway is ready.

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